We’ve got the right equipment for the right job. Check out some of the equipment we have and what we’ll be bringing to your upcoming job by scrolling below!

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PB18.90 Tracked Lift – Spider Lift. 35″ wide in drive mode – 60ft working height

Measuring just 35″ wide, this 60 foot lift is able to get into the tightest of back yards and sides of properties. Light weight, compact, and highly versitile, this lift not only allows us to do work safely, it allows us to do work in ways you just cant do without a lift.

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 Ford F550 Bucket Trucks – 42 ft working height

We have multiple small bucket trucks. These trucks are equipped with fast moving booms which make doing jobs on streets, driveways, parking lots, and even in front yards a breeze. With full 360 rotation, these trucks make us very efficient and are able to allow us to get to places in your trees you just can’t get without them.

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Bandit Chippers – 1590xp and 1890HD 

We have multiple chippers. Our chippers turn tree debris into wood chips. With our chippers, we have the ability to process logs as large as 19″. Our chippers allow large and small projects to be done efficiently and allows us to get tree debris off your properties in less trips. Our chipper trucks can carry as much of 30 yards of debris which is enough space to get multiple jobs done in a day.

Giant Sarasota Tree

Giant 254tele – Mini Wheel Loader – 36″ Wide – 2000 pounds of lifting equipped with large floating turf tires

The Giant 254 Tele is an amazing machine that can do the work of an entire crew. Its the same weight as a large lawn mower but has amazing lifting power. This machine is equipped with large turf tires that make it the perfect piece of equipment on properties that want to limit yard damage. The perfect mini loader for residential properties and for work zones that need to look just as good as when we got there.

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Bandit SG75 Stump Grinder (75hp)

The Bandit SG75 Stump grinder is one of the best machines on the market. In drive mode, the machine can shrink down to as little as 35.5″ in width allowing us to do big stumps in tight areas.