Did you know that Sarasota County and the City of Sarasota have tree protection ordinances? These rules also cover some areas in Manatee and Charlotte County. Trees can be protected because of size, species, or location. Additionally, commercial properties, vacant lots, second homes, construction sites and rental properties are other types of properties that require tree removal permits.  

We understand the rules in the Sarasota area and can help you obtain any Sarasota County Tree Removal Permit or City of Sarasota Tree Removal Permit that may be needed, hassle-free. We can also assist with mitigation plans, resistograph readings, arborist reports, and other types of documents that may be needed to secure permits. Unlike many others in the Sarasota area, we stay updated with local Sarasota guidelines. Whether you are a home owner or a site manager for a construction company, with Sarasota Tree Service, we can help you avoid costly fines, educate you on restoration mandates, avoid delays, and help prevent unplanned replanting scenarios that can turn a simple tree removal project into a headache.