Sometimes your trees may be perfectly healthy, other times, your trees may have major issues that just aren’t visible without a trained eye. Finding the right company that is able to identify these hard to see issues is more difficult than one would think. From subtle imperfections to significant structural issues, our trained specialists are equipped to detect:

  1. Cracks and Splits: Even small cracks in the trunk or branches can indicate potential weakness or instability.

  2. Decay and Rot: Internal decay caused by fungi or other pathogens can weaken the structural integrity of the tree, making it susceptible to failure.

  3. Cavities and Hollows: Hollow areas within the trunk or branches may compromise the tree’s strength and stability, posing a risk of collapse.

  4. Weak Unions: Forks or branches with weak attachments to the main trunk are prone to splitting during high winds or storms.

  5. Root Defects: Issues with the root system, such as decay or root girdling, can affect the tree’s stability and anchorage in the soil.

  6. Canopy Thinning: Sparse foliage or dieback in the canopy may indicate underlying health issues or structural problems within the tree.

  7. Leaning or Tilting: Trees leaning excessively or showing signs of uprooting pose a direct risk to nearby structures or pedestrians.

  8. Over-Extended Limbs: Branches extending beyond the tree’s natural canopy may become overburdened, increasing the risk of breakage.

  9. Insect Infestation: Signs of insect activity, such as bore holes or bark damage, can weaken the tree and make it more susceptible to failure.

  10. Disease Symptoms: Visible symptoms of tree diseases, such as wilting, die back, discoloration, unusual growths, or fungal brackets may indicate underlying health issues that compromise structural integrity.

Following a comprehensive assessment, we provide honest and detailed recommendations tailored to address any identified defects. Whether it’s through targeted pruning techniques to alleviate stress points or recommending tree removal when necessary, our goal is to ensure the safety and longevity of your trees and property. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a thorough evaluation.