Mangroves are very important to Sarasota Florida. Mangroves are importantl to our environment. Over 90% of sea life in the area start in the mangroves. In addition to that, mangroves help filter pollutants from our waters and protect our shores from erosion. Because of their importance, Florida law requires Sarasota mangrove trimming to be performed by or supervised by a Professional Mangrove Trimmer (PMT) or an ISA certified Arborist. With multiple certified arborists and professional mangrove trimmers , we’ll make sure that your mangroves in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Osprey, Nokomis, Englewood, and the outlying areas are trimmed legally, and we’ll make sure your Mangrove trimming is done right.

If you have any questions about our mangrove cutting and arborist services in Sarasota, contact our office today!