Have a tree that isn’t looking healthy? Has it had issues before? Need a tree removed? Sarasota Tree Service can handle it. There are several reasons a tree may need to be removed. From a root system damaging a foundation, new construction plans, previous failures, severe defects; whatever the reason, we can assist. Prior to removal, our experienced team can inspect your tree or trees in question and help you make the best decision possible. We take pride in keeping up with modern techniques and using the best gear and equipment available. As one of the leading tree care companies in Sarasota County, you will have confidence that your tree removal will be done with professionalism and it will be done right.

We run into a lot of instances where customers aren’t sure if they want a tree removal. Not sure if you want your tree removed? We specialize in saving trees. Need options? We can help with that. When you meet with us, know that we’ll give you an honest assessment. We can offer alternatives to save your trees as well.

Depending on the situation, Sarasota tree removal permits may be required. As the former primary contractor for Sarasota County and having worked with the City of Sarasota on various tree trimming, Sarasota tree removal, and stump grinding service projects over the last decade, we pride ourselves on being up to date with all rules, regulations, and ordinances. If you need a Tree Removal Permit, our team can make sure it is obtained properly and all work is done correctly and hassle free.

Reach out to our office today for more information about our tree removal services. We service Sarasota, Bradenton, Osprey, Nokomis, Englewood, and the outlying areas. Fill out the form below, give our office a call, or send us a text message today!